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Glimpses of our clients, testimonials of our participants and photgraphs of some of our workshops


Employees of various corporate who have attended our programs


Testimonials of our participants

    Mr. Shriram Srinivasan, Vice President, IDBI Capital Limited
    I attended the Real Estate Development, Structuring and Finance sessions. I felt it was a well conducted course with quality faculties having knowledge of the subject gained through experience. The important point was that this course managed to marry the business knowledge with the structuring and finance aspects. Will be happy to recommend this course to others.
    Mr. Mohammed Selia, Chief Officer-Projects, Balwa Group
    I would like to say that the teachings were based on real life scenarios, which were easy to relate to and made learning fun and enjoyable. The teaching staff was highly professional and had imparted knowledge based on a lifetime of experience. The coordination was flawless and the support staff had done a fantastic job in organizing the workshop. I look forward to attending more of such workshops from Blueshift.
    Mr. Ajay Jalan, Managing Partner, Next Orbit Ventures Fund
    It was a learning experience to get knowledge about Real Estate industry deal making and valuation aspects. Would attend the first workshop also which I missed to get to know the technical aspects also. The program was much near to the real aspect of the transactions than to be just theory. Would also like to collaborate with Blueshift on making our Real Estate Fund take off for mutual benefit for a long term relationship.
    Akshay Agrawal, Director, Arihant Superstructures Limited
    Learning at Blueshift proved to be a platform where I could learn the finer nuances of the financial and real estate arena. It paved the way for constructive knowledge sharing and collaborative understanding of the bigger picture. I remain indebted to the exercise and it's organisers for paving the way. I look forward to seeing more such participative and educational endeavours at Blueshift. On program coverage-excellent, well covered and good flow. Ample time for case studies. Please have more programs at Mumbai soon.
    Mr. Alok Sharma, Practising Architect with more than 20 years of experience
    I missed attending the Real Estate Valuation and Feasibility session. As for the 1st workshop on Real Estate Development Structuring and Financing is concerned, it was very informative in respect to the term sheets presented and gaining insight in to the owner, investor and developers orientation, priorities and expectations from a viable project. It was also great to get a quick update on the recent amendments to the DC rules and its demonstrated application. Comparative feasibility analysis of two projects one in city and the other in a distant suburb made for an interesting session for choosing the desirable option in the given context and constraints thereby reinforcing one’s decision taking ability.
    Mr. Parveen Bansal, Chartered Accountant with 27 years of experience in Real Estate and Manufacturing Industry
    Faculties have answered all the questions to the best of their ability. I have 27 years of career and I have never seen such kind of workshop in my entire career. Top of the mind experiences of the workshop was firstly course delivery by linking of theory to practical and practical to theory was quite useful and secondly non-stop sharing of real life experiences by faculty and participants was another useful feature of the workshop. All the best to Blueshift for organising such a wonderful workshop.
    Kedar Kalbag, Manager, IDBI Capital Limited
    I attended both the training sessions (one on Real estate structuring and financing and the second one on valuation). The 2 day session was extremely useful and enriching experience for me in terms of increasing my knowledge on real estate. The speakers in all the sessions were experienced people from the industry who were well versed with various facts of real estate right from land acquisition to development to financing and technical feasibility. I was impressed by the quality of the speakers and they covered each and every aspect in a practical and methodical manner citing real life examples and their experiences at each stage. This helped me in understanding the topic in depth. The sessions were also very interactive which facilitated discussions among both faculty and participants and that helped bringing new thoughts, ideas and practical difficulties faced while doing business in this sector. The case study approach to teaching helped further strengthen the theoretical aspects thought during the lectures and made the sessions more enjoyable and fruitful. The speakers were very approachable and answered all sorts of queries on various aspects considering the diverse background of the participants who attended the course.
    Overall it was an experience worth every penny and I came out of the sessions a lot more enlightened and confident on the topic of real estate. I wish Blueshift all the best in their future endeavours and look forward to newer sessions on other aspects in the days to come.
    Tushar Srivastava, Deputy General Manager, Business Development (Acquisitions), Steiner India Limited
    Excellent faculties, I think it was great to discuss, brainstorm and solve the case studies. That’s the way to go.
    Deepak Trivedi, Deputy General Manager – Finance, Steiner India Ltd.
    Blueshift’s workshop on Real Estate Valuation & Feasibility is extremely good. Participant were able to connect with current valuation models and feasibility studies used in real estate business.
    Faculty from JLL were very competent and the work shop was based on real life experiences / examples and nuances faced by executives in business operations.


Glimpses of various workshops and certificate distribution

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