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Q 1: Who are the people behind Blueshift?
Ans: Highly successful professionals and organisations (Some real estate courses are prepared by Jones Lang Lasalle, the largest Real Estate Service provider in India and One of the largest in the world) have come together to prepare the content, which is practical and also to teach it in order to pass on the useful knowledge to the next generation.

Q 2: What is unique about the courses?
 Ans:  Most important uniqueness of our programmes is that all the aspects of the business (content creation, delivery etc.) are managed by successful professionals having minimum hardcore industry experience of 15-20 years and who have demonstrated high level of performance and exemplary success in the field of finance and real estate.
All the programmes cover numerous live case studies prepared by us in  house based on various big ticket deals done by us in past. Hence, we are able to share first hand experience about all the aspects of those deals which is not possible with regard to cases developed by Academic Institutions.

We emphasise on application of concepts during day to day working environment.  All the programmes have various financial games and group exercises which would test your mettle in real world. 

Besides imparting practical concepts and knowledge we also provide you the opportunity where senior industries leaders would share their secrets of success and would also provide you the opportunity to interact with senior industry leaders in interactive sessions in personalised and informal manner. 

Q 3: Who has created the content of various programs?
Ans: Content is created by the best brains of the Industry especially to bridge the gap between skills of the candidates and expectations of today`s business leaders. We have spent significant amount of time in developing content and case studies for each of the programs. Some real estate courses are also prepared alongwith Jones Lang Lasalle, the largest Real Estate Service provider in India and One of the largest in the world. 

Q 4: Would you assist us in career moves?

Ans: We do provide placement with 1 year management program in real estate. 

Q 5: What is the difference between your training vis-a-vis the conferences held by various organisations?
Ans: A typical event producer of a conference will assemble various speakers from the industry, all of whom are sponsored by their respective firms to talk about their firms and their services. Also speakers would not invest 6 months prior their presentation in creating content and case studies for your learning. At the end of the day, as a participant, you would have heard a dozen speakers at a macro level without diving deep into the subject backed by comprehensive case studies. You will have lots of bits and pieces in your mind but nothing comprehensive.

In our training we have invested huge amount of time and resources in developing and delivering a cutting edge program backed by case studies which would make you stand out among your peers. Besides that you also get an opportunity to meet leaders of your industry in informal set up.

Q 6: What all is included in program fee and what facilities do you have at your centre?
Ans: Program fee includes training, course material, interaction with industry leaders, tea, cookies and in case of full day session Lunch is also provided.  

Q 7: What is the typical size of the audience?
Ans: Between 15-20.

Q 8: Do you organise customised workshops for us/in my country, for me or for public participation?
Ans: Yes, if you have 7 persons or more to be trained. In-house course is the best option. Apart from privacy and tailoring, in-house courses stimulate group thinking and often good ideas emerge during the discussions.

Q 9: I have more questions.
Ans: Do write to us at